2020 AFTRR Annual Meeting

CANCELED Due to the ongoing uncertainty around travel and large gatherings, we have decided to cancel the 2020 AFTRR Annual Meeting. The decision coincides with the National Digital Inclusion Alliance's cancellation of its annual Net Inclusion conference. We will be working together over the coming weeks to determine whether a virtual conference, workshop series, or

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AFTRR + Collaboration = Success on Multiple Levels

Collaboration between like-minded organizations who share similar missions can help all involved reach for the stars. Nonprofit technology refurbishers (AFTRR members) can expand their reach and increase their impact by finding other nonprofits capable of bringing their own contributions to the table.  AFTRR members do not need to tackle the entire Digital Divide on their

AFTRR Member AZStRUT Creates Laptop Lending Program

AZStRUT is partnering with the Arizona State Library and the National Digital Inclusion Alliance to start a laptop lending program, with an emphasis on laptop lending access in rural Arizona libraries.  AZStRUT donated over 250 laptops, valued at $25,000, to 10 rural Arizona libraries to create these technology lending programs.  The Arizona State Library is

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