The Jim Lynch Award is the annual lifetime achievement award in the electronics refurbishment industry. It is given each year at the Electronics Reuse Conference and in 2016 was held in Houston, TX.

The recipient of the award this year is AFTRR’s very own, Charles Brennick. His nonprofit, Seattle-based InterConnection is a very successful nonprofit refurbishment center. Interconnection was founded in 1999 by Charles and started as one of the few refurbishers to supply thousands of PCs to low income area schools and nonprofits in developing countries.

Charles got his start in the Peace Corp (Paraguay) in the early 90’s. He then became an ecotourism developer in Costa Rica where he saw firsthand the benefits that access to technology, especially computers and the Internet, could give to remote organizations with limited resources.

InterConnection’s original focus was on developing and donating websites to nonprofits in developing countries, and over 100 websites were donated. By 2004, the InterConnection Computer Reuse Center opened in Seattle, serving as a hub to provide computers and technology resources to local and international communities in need. Today InterConnection is one of the largest nonprofit refurbishment organizations in the U.S. and have provided affordable technology to over 300,000 people.

AFTRR is proud to be associated with Charles Brennick and InterConnection.